Our Trust, omkar Andh-Apang sama jik Sanstha, registered under Mumbai Trust Act, having registration under number Maharashtra state/Mumbai/3191/2010 G.B.B.S.D./F-43203 is established in 2010. The Trust is also registered under section 80(G) of Income Tax Act. The Trust has established its office at 105, first floor, Brihan Mumbai Mahanagar  Palika Market building, Station Road, Bhandup (W) Mumbai 400 078. The Brochure containing the information regarding the activities being carried out by the Trust and the registrations under various departments is enclosed herewith for your reference.

We take pride in providing the basic fundament of education to those less privileged families who cannot afford it and helping strengthen the foundation of the society with the proper base of education. The government has come up with various schemes for those who are physically challenged but a good amount of people remain unaware of these schemes, Omkar Andh-Apang Samajik Sanstha takes initiative in assisting the people of these sections of the society such as the physically challenged to attain the benefits of such various government schemes. We also provide economical support for inter cast marriages by providing various basic household requirements.

Omkar Andh-Apang Samajik Sanstha extends our reach of support not only towards the physically challenged i.e. blind, handicap, but also to mentally challenged, orphans, people suffering from various diseases namely aids, cancer, leprosy etc. though various different measures like setting up telephone booths for the handicap etc providing rehabilitation facilities to the victims of earthquakes, riots, floods is also given importance by Omkar Andh-Apang Samajik Sanstha .

Various measures are also undertaken for the betterment of women such as education facilities to the girls, women old age homes and also various seminars our held for the women. Omkar Andh-Apang Samajik Sanstha provides scholarships and also monetary aid to bright and deserving students not only this but Omkar Andh-Apang Samajik Sanstha aims at building and running a special school for the handicap, blind, deaf and orphans.  We here at Omkar Andh-Apang Samajik Sanstha our doing our bit to help these people live their lives just as any other person YOU CAN JOIN US IN THIS CAUSE AND HELP CHANGE LIFE.

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