Know me for my abilities, not my disability.

Life need not only be about "LIVING"
you can do a lot good even by "GIVING", Help change a life

Action Speak more than Words

Life need not only be about "LIVING"
you can do a lot good even by "GIVING", Help change a life

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.

However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. Where there’s life, there’s hope

Seeing is not always believing

Visionaries are NOT special people. The gift of true vision requires only a willingness to open your eyes to first, find the horizon. Once fixated on the horizon comes the ability to see beyond, where the true magic of life exists.

Creating Our Children’s Future.

Engaging all students in partnership with family and community to become informed, compassionate, global citizens.

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Omkar Andh-Apang sama jik Sanstha, registered under Mumbai Trust Act, having registration under number Maharashtra state/Mumbai/3191/2010 G.B.B.S.D./F-43203 is established in 2010. The Trust is also registered under section 80(G) of Income Tax Act. The Trust has established its office at 105, first floor, Brihan Mumbai Mahanagar  Palika Market building, Station Road, Bhandup (W) Mumbai 400 078. The Brochure containing the information regarding the activities being carried out by the Trust and the registrations under various departments is enclosed herewith for your reference. Read More

Popular Causes


Mission Education is a national level programme of Omkar Trust


The Trust now intends to undertake the Housing Project wherein it is prop


India is an ancient country and according to some estimates,


Blind, Handicapped, Deaf, Widow, Divorcee, Helpless women, mentally challenged, Orphans, Cancer, Dialysis, Kidney patients, Heart patients


We accept donations. These may include gently used clothing & shoes, housewares, books & media, kitchenware, and other items.

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